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Best iPod dock EVER

Can words even do justice to this piece of technology? Listen to your iPod. On the crapper. Brilliant. The sides of the iCarta dock fold in to get better stereo sound with the "moisture-free" speakers when you don't need it holding a roll of TP. A mere hundred dollars will get you this recharging dock that includes a line-in for other players. Thank you, Atech Flash Technology Inc., for justifying my trip to MacWorld.
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MacWorld 2007
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Why are people yapping about the iPhone when what the people want is an iPod dock for when they're on the crapper!

Dave Park

i love listening to music in the bathroom. i kinda want one of these just because it's ridiculous.


They just need a famous rapper to hype it on MTV Cribs. I like that it gets us closer to one of those fancy Japanese toilets.

Eric Solomon

I kinda want one too. Is this sad?

Dave Park

[...] It seems that iPod docks all tend to blur together, except for the ones that are also toilet-paper holders, but the Griffin Evolve was elegant enough to stand out. The cube speakers can be removed from the dock and placed anywhere within a reported 150-foot range–not too shabby. There’s no complicated charging dock for the speakers: They fit flush into a recessed area on the dock and charge with lithium ion. That’s the same technology used for laptops, and it provides up to ten hours of use. [...]

» Griffin Evolve iPod Dock with wireless spe

Does it come with ipod wet naps


remind me not to touch anyone's ipod while this thing is out there


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