iamamiwhoami Is Probably A Singer Named Jonna Lee (Video)


    For the past couple of months, the musically minded corners of the Internet have been all in a tizzy, trying to figure out the identity of the mysterious blonde songstress behind the iamamiwhoami viral campaign. Popular guesses at the outset included Goldfrapp, Lady Gaga, Fever Ray, and Christina Aguilera, just to let you know how scattershot a lot of the guessing was.


    Well the latest iamamiwhoami video is more of a music video than a teaser, and shows so much of the singer that Internet slueths have finally concluded that the videos belong to a Swedish singer named Jonna Lee. Jonna Lee released an album last February that doesn’t appear to have gained much traction, but if she’s iamamiwhoami, these videos and the music in them is just so wonderfully odd that she’s got a lot of people looking at her now, and a lot of expectations to meet.


    Look at ohnotheydidnt’s detailed breakdown of why it’s probably Jonna Lee.