I See a Corkness: The Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy Bottle Stopper


    There’s a new Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy album titled The Wonder Show of the World due out on Domino at the end of March, and his record label has come up with a unique way to commemorate the occasion. A Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy bottle stopper has been lovingly hand crafted by artist Scott Millar, and 150 of them are available over at the Domino website.


    A download of the album will be given away gratis to anyone who orders one of the bottle stoppers, which only seem to be available from the U.K. arm of Domino, but might still appeal to anyone with a fanatical desire to own everything Will Oldham-related. And, let’s face it, a bottle of wine with Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy resting on top is surely worth the price alone, right?


    Head over here to see more details about this unique item, including pictures from Millar’s workshop during the creation of his army of Billy bottle stoppers.