Hundreds Of J Dilla’s Unheard Tapes And Handwritten Artifacts Returned To His Mother

    After uncovering 7,000-8,000 records left in an abandoned storage unit by the late J Dilla, it looked like Jeff Bubeck would simply sell the whole stash at his UHF record store in Royal Oak, Michigan. The sale was halted while Dilla’s mother, Maureen “Ma Dukes” Yancey, verified the find. It has now emerged that hundreds of her son’s unheard tapes, as well as notebooks, letters and other handwritten artifacts, were also discovered. Rather than sell these items, Bubeck has boxed them up and returned to Ms. Yancey.

    Speaking to, the producer’s mother explained how she felt when she received her son’s material: “It was overwhelming to see this handwriting again and to see how he marked his records, with his silver marker.” But she was also quick to praise Bubeck for his unselfish decision not to simply and indiscriminately sell all that he found. “He is my hero. He truly is,” she said of the record store owner. “It was really good to be with him and to see him and to see the type of person he was. He just broke down, because he’s a remarkable father and understood.”

    It remains unclear what will happen to the unreleased J Dilla material that is now in Ms. Yancey’s possession. It is also uncertain whether Bubeck will continue to sell the producer’s records as planned. [AllHipHop]