Hugely Overpriced Leonard Cohen Tickets Available on Ticketmaster’s TicketsNow Before Tickets Go On Sale

    Ticketmaster has been giving concertgoers of modest means fits of anxiety over the prospect of a merger with Live Nation, and one entity controlling the lion’s share of the event ticketing  in North America. While that hasn’t yet gone through, Ticketmaster hasn’t wasted any time offering tickets at insane prices. Fans complained about exorbitantly priced tickets for Leonard Cohen’s upcoming Canadian dates being offered through Ticketmaster-affiliated TicketsNow, days before the tickets were to go on sale through Ticketmaster. Those tickets have now been withdrawn from TicketsNow.


    A Ticketmaster spokesman suggested to the Globe and Mail that those tickets were being offered by individuals and brokers who were hoping to purchase the tickets once they went on sale, and the flip them for the prices listed on TicketsNow. Bogus.


    [The Daily Swarm]