Howard Stern producing remake of Rock and Roll High School

    First it was just horror movies, like Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Hills Have Eyes and the George Romero zombie canon, but now it seems that even fondly remembered b-movies aren’t safe from the dreaded specter of the remake. In addition to producing an update Bob Clark’s Porky’s radio shock jock Howard Stern has announced that he’s bringing an update of Rock and Roll High School to the big screen. The original featured both Clint Howard and Vince Van Patten, an uncredited Darby Crash cameo, and the Ramones helping some plucky teenagers defeat a music-hating principal. Even the 1991 sequel had Corey Feldman and Mojo Nixon as the spirit of rock and roll. Though living up to those standards might seem impossible, Stern has recruited Bill S. Preston himself, Alex Winter, to script the film. There have been no mentions of a possible band for the movie, but this seems like it would be tailor made for the Hold Steady or, should we dare to even dream it, Guns N’ Roses. [The Daily Swarm]