Howard Stern In Talks To Replace Simon Cowell On American Idol

    Howard Stern’s exclusive contract with Sirius Radio is ending in January 2011, and the King of All Media is shopping his services around. One particularly awesome possibility for future Stern employment is behind the American Idol judge’s table, where Stern’s presence immediately makes it a very, very different program. Though the pairing seems like a strange fit initially, Stern could finally win mainstream acceptance and transition into a more family-friendly (read: richer) version of himself, and Fox might have found a way to reinvigorate a show that went on life support the minute Cowell announced his departure. Hopefully Stern will also push for Robin as a co-host with Ryan Seacrest. She could make sure that his latter-day Casey Kasem act doesn’t get too obnoxious, and he’s ready for the inevitable fallowness of the years following Idol. [Rolling Stone]