Howard Stern Discussed The Beets On His Show



    Here’s a meeting of minds no one expected to happen. Scrappy Queens-based indie rockers the Beets are apparently huge Howard Stern fans, which caused the DJ to play a clip of the band’s music on his show after he found out Juan Wauters and his group listen to him eight hours a day. “I like this,” said Stern. “It sounds like the Ramones, kinda thing. Alright, these boys sound good. Of course I’m prejudiced—they listen to me eight hours a day.” However, it seems Stern isn’t familiar with the lo-fi recording techniques that have helped establish the Beets’ name. “They mix their music very unusually,” he laughed. The best part of this craziness is when Stern plays some of his own recordings from when he was in 6th grade, which sound surprisingly Beets-like. Check out the Stern/Beets clip from his show above, and some of Sern’s recordings below. [via WFMU]