How ‘Watch The Throne’ Didn’t Leak

    One of the more interesting things around Watch the Throne, except for why Kanye says “that shit cray” instead of “that shit crazy” on “Niggas in Paris,” is how the album didn’t leak, like at all. That’s a huge achievement in this day and age, when albums can leak as soon as they are finished. Billboard has broken the story about how the album didn’t leak, pinning it on the fact that the album never left a portable hard drive that was locked in a suitcase, how Jay-Z and Kanye recorded the album in hotel rooms in Tokyo, Paris, Sydney and New York. Then the album was never sent to a retailer before it went off to iTunes right before it was launched on the site. Aside from Radiohead, it was the only major album not to leak. Read more of the crazy anti-leak techniques over at  Billboard.