How To Dress Well Details ‘Total Loss’

    How To Dress Well, the dark-toned R&B/electronic project from Brooklyn producer Tom Krell, has a sophomore album happily-titled Total Loss, and today Krell shares more details. It’s coming out internationally on September 17 via Weird World and September 18 in North America via Acéphale.

    Check out the album artwork, peep the track list, and listen to the previously-announced first single “Ocean Floor For Everything” below.

    Track list:

    01 When I Was in Trouble
    02 Cold Nites
    03 So Say My Name or Say Whatever
    04 Running Back
    05 & It Was U
    06 World I Need You, Won’t Be Without You (Proem)
    07 Struggle
    08 How Many?
    09 Talking to You
    10 Set It Right
    11 Ocean Floor for Everything