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How to Destroy Angels LP Tentatively Set for Q1 2011

You didn't think Trent Reznor would leave fans with just an EP from How to Destroy Angels to listen to ad nauseum, did you? Nope, the NIN mastermind's new band is readying a full-length for early 2011. 


Reznor took part in a Q&A session via Tumblr and confirmed the news while also explaining the inspiration behind the 6-song EP that HTDA just released. He says, "This EP is an artifact of the very first experiments we tried together. We were going to wait until we had a large batch of songs and then distill them down from there, but we liked this first collection and decided to release them. I would expect the next release to sound a bit more focused as we discover more about our combined chemistry."


Knowing Trent's affinity for social media (his Twitter account once had 600,000 followers), it should be worth following HTDA's Tumblr activity in the coming months. [via TwentyFourBit]

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How to Destroy Angels

I still need to hear the EP. I'm also super jealous of Trent.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/Andrew_Martin/me.jpg Andrew_Martin

HTDA is a pathetic “I’m trying way too hard” version of a dark incompetent hipster version of nin circa the slip era. Same product in a different package. I laughed my ass off after I heard the EP. She’s not cute enough to pull that much of a lack of talent off. I can’t get over the vocals and i tried.

Mike Fisher

A big, old befuddled WTF? HDA sounds just like NIN. I wouldn't listen twice to HDA songs if I didn't know who they were. Why isn't HE singing these songs? Trent is still writing about being a victim and needing to be saved but he's not 20 anymore.

Daniel Cole

The generic lyrics, delivered by Mariqueen without a trace of emotion or personality, borrow heavily from NIN. It is downright laughable to hear such depressive, moody lines being uttered by a hipster chick from LA

JA Beebe

The goth version of Russel "I'm Zen" Simmons and Kimora "I love fame & money" Lee Simmons. He pretends he's the deep one who is disinterested in the trappings of fame while he puts his wife up to gathering as much attention as she can for them in the media. Very sad. This man was never who he pretended to be. People have said for years that Reznor's image was created by suits at his record company and once he left it began to crumble because he didn't have dozens of people maintaining it for him.

P. Verma

Please give us a break from this awful woman, does she ever smile?

Heidi Gifford

This album is terrible. This woman is in the band because she's young and silly enough to play the role so she was handpicked by an insecure 45 year old man who wants to sell p*ssy but knows he's too old to do it and sex sells after all. Nobody is dying to see a 45 year old in tight pants poke his a** out to his audience.

Ching M Kwan

This band is a terrible gimmick. It comes with a prepackaged website that already links to twitter, facebook, and youtube. The t-shirts and merchandise are in the usual emo style and are overpriced. The songs sound like NIN and the vocals are flat. I also find it hard to believe that this singer led a band before, considering she has no vocal range and sounds at times off-key. A group in which everyone contributes the same amount of musical genius is much more admirable.

Jim Brandt

More monotone singing.

Vince Morgan

You guys don't get it. This is Trent Reznor doing what je wants to do, outside some dumbass record label. Not his image falling apart. His image is that of someone who wants independence. I think he has that. The vocals are supposed to be monotone, otherwise they would detract from the actual music.


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