How Much Is Lena Dunham’s First Book Worth? Random House Says $3.5 Million

    Girls creator Lena Dunham might have had a covert chat with her literary agent before her memoir-slash-advice-book Not That Kind of Girl: A Young Woman Tells You What She’s Learned went up for auction at major publishing houses. “A million dollars isn’t cool,” Kimberly Witherspoon may have said. “You know what’s cool? Three point five million dollars.”

    That’s right—Lena Dunham’s nonfiction work, which supposedly had a starting price of one million dollars, has been sold to Random House for an extremely cool $3.5 million; Random House praised Dunham’s “remarkable” writing skills in a press release. No word on when the book will be out, but season two of Girls is coming back in January, and it’ll be funny to watch Dunham’s Hannah Horvath struggling to make her Greenpoint rent while the real-life Hannah is gonna be rolling in it. [Zap2It]