How Indie Music Gets On TV

    Indie rock placement on TV has come a long way from when The Flaming Lips played on 90210, or the Walkmen and Modest Mouse graced the stage at the Bait Shop. Nowadays you probably don’t even realize that during the average sitcom sometimes as many as 30 indie bands receive royalty payments for placements of fragments of their songs. 

    Digital Music News spoke about the process of placing music with different kinds of music supervisors who place tracks in films and television shows. The process sounds a lot like the policy at most good indie labels: every track is listened to, but results aren’t immediate. Music supervisors for films have a different set of time constraits because of the average two-year length of production. Read more here about the thousands of emails a day and why it doesn’t pay to read “hipster blogs.” [MTVHive/Hypebot]