How Here We Go Magic Got Nigel Godrich To Record Their New Album

    Back when I reported on M for Montreal, I passingly mentioned that the head of Jagjaguwar/Secretly Canadian/Dead Oceans told me stuff about Here We Go Magic’s upcoming new album I wasn’t sure if I should print, since I wasn’t sure if it was for real. Turns out it was totally real: Basically, Nigel Godrich, he of producing Radiohead fame, fell in love with the band at Glastonbury in 2010, and offered the band his services, because he loved them so much.

    The album, due out later this year on Secretly Canadian, was produced by Godrich, and the band has a great interview on Spin talking about the process of having a big name producer do their album. Read some choice cuts below:

    But in June of 2010, when Temple and his Brooklyn outfit Here We Go Magic took the legendary festival’s Park Stage for the very first time, they were also playing to an enthusiastic pair “going apeshit in the front row,” two guys disguised in sunglasses and hats — Radiohead’s Thom Yorke and famed producer Nigel Godrich. The both of them, “by some miracle of God,” made their way backstage to chat with Temple and the band after that set, offering compliments that left them glowing. “Sometimes, you wonder if it’s worth it,” Temple says. “It had been a pretty insane year of touring, but that was one of those moments when you realize it is. The only guys getting off were Nigel and Tom, and that was enough. It felt like a seal of approval.”


    “The first few months were difficult,” he says. “I had it blown up in my head, but then all of a sudden it started to flow. He wasn’t a superhero or something, he was just a guy we could relate to, a real nuts-and-bolts guy. He really made us play as well as we could because it was going to be right there you so can hear everything. I think less and less bands at our level have the luxury of going into studios like this to make records. I never thought I’d be doing this.”

    Read the rest at Spin