How Did Lady Gaga Respond To Die Antwoord’s “Fatty Boom Boom” Video Diss?

    After finding herself the unlikely subject of Die Antwoord’s ultra-disturbing new music video “Fatty Boom Boom,” it appears that Mother Monster Lady Gaga is unafraid to bare her claws against the provocative South African hip-hop duo.

    The video, released earlier this week, finds a male Lady Gaga look-alike — dressed in an impressive recreation of Gaga’s infamous meat dress — repeatedly attacked and harassed on the streets of South Africa. The video ends with the Gaga impersonator handily devoured by a lion. You know, real lighthearted stuff.

    Allegedly, the video serves as Die Antwoord’s second attack on the “Born This Way” singer after she requested the band open for her on tour earlier this year. Gaga, ever the provocateur, took to her Facebook account last night to respond to the video insult. The following is a screenshot of the update she posted:

    It’s clear that, by responding, Gaga is doing nothing more than baiting more trollish responses from Die Antwoord. At the very least, this might develop into some interesting Internet beef. 

    Check out the inciting video for “Fatty Boom Boom” below. [Idolator]