Hot Sugar Reveals ‘Moon Money’ Track List, Artwork

    Associative music maestro Hot Sugar, aka Nick Koenig, is gearing up to release his proper debut on Ninja Tune, the Moon Money EP, that’s set to drop in early April. He’s prepping a video for release next week, but before that gets here he’s decided to reveal some of the project’s details.

    As you might have guessed, that includes the artwork, which you can view above this text, and the track listing that’s below. Koenig told me that this project is much darker than his previous work, Muscle Milk, and even includes samples of stuff like human bones, Hurricane Irene, and a rat’s heartbeat. Wow.

    1. There’s a man waiting at the bottom of the stairwell
    2. The kid who drowned at summer camp
    3. #MindControl
    4. Everybody’s parents will die
    5. The girl who stole my Tamogatchi™
    6. 0__0
    7. Coconut Powder
    8. The Choking Game
    9. Addictions