Homeless Guy Suing Eminem For $9 Million For Chrysler Commercial

    Here’s your possibly crazy celebrity lawsuit news of the day/week/month: Eminem is being sued for $9 million by a homeless man, over Em’s recent Chrysler commercials, who is claiming that he told Eminem the idea for the commercial in 2010, and was surprised when he saw the ad on TV.

    Stephen Lee Pieck, of Ossining in Westchester, NY, says that he was eating at a restaurant called Legal Seafood in White Plains, NY, in 2010, and he was with Christina Aguilera and her then husband Jordon Bratman, and Aguilera called Eminem for him. Apparently Pieck told Em his idea for the ad then, and then he never got paid for it once it started being on TV.

    This story is bonkers for a number of reasons, which I’ll break down right here:

    1. Do Aguilera and her (now former) husband take meals with homeless guys?

    2. Do artists create their own ads for huge corporations?

    3. Does Aguilera really just call Eminem all the time?

    4.  Where did the figure for $9 million come from?

    The answer to 1-3 is “no,” while number four is “the same place where this dude got the story that he hangs out with Aguilera. [DS]