Hologram Marilyn Monroe To Star In New Stage Production

    Tupac Shakur might not be the only celebrity to hold a post-mortem hologram performance. Digicon Media, who have apparently been in the celebrity avatar business since 1995, have big plans for the technology that brought Tupac on-stage at this year’s Coachella.

    The company is planning a concert event entitled “Virtual Marilyn Live — A Musical Celebration of the Birth of the Pop Icon” starring a hologram of Marilyn Monroe. The show, which does not yet have a set venue, will mix live performances with those of hologram Monroe.

    There are some legal complications, however, with the Monroe estate. Digicon has apparently decided not to work with the estate because it has a copyright on the starlet’s computer-generated self. If the complicated issue of hologram avatar copyrights can be resolved, though, there might be many more performances from deceased entertainers on the way. [Billboard]