Hollywood Will Force Alex Cross On Us Again

    In 1997, Morgan Freeman was in a movie that was a modest hit. It didn’t break box office records, or wow critics, but it certainly held its own and provided a certain bland type of entertainment that audiences apparently craved at the time. The film was Kiss the Girls, and it helped Morgan Freeman to become the respected actor he is today. 

    Kiss the Girls was based on a crime thriller by novelist James Patterson, so when producers approached Freeman to reprise his role as Detective Alex Cross in another Patterson adaptation, he agreed. Along Came A Spider wasn’t any worse than Kiss the Girls, but it failed to recapture whatever limited magic the original possessed and essentially ended the franchise of Alex Cross films. 

    However, for some reason, producers felt the need to continue churning out adaptations of Patterson novels. The latest is interestingly titled Alex Cross, but instead of the respected Morgan Freeman playing the title role, we’re forced to accept noted cross-dresser and fat suit enthusiast Tyler Perry as our hero. 

    The movie doesn’t even open until today, but according to Vulture, there is already talk of a sequel. Whether or not it will star Perry remains to be seen, but either way — Alex Cross isn’t going anywhere.