Hole’s Eric Erlandson Publishing Book: ‘Letters To Kurt’

    Courtney Love still can’t keep out of the headlines, but while she’s grabbing the limelight, her former bandmates in Hole are doing a decent job of telling the story of their fabled time together. First, we got a documentary from former drummer Patty Schemel, now comes news of a book by Hole’s co-founding guitarist, Eric Erlandson. 

    The title of the tome, Letters to Kurt, leaves little doubt as to what the subject matter will include, with Erlandson explaining to the New York Times that it covers his time in Hole and his friendship with Kurt Cobain. “It felt like the right way to go, but at the same time, I had a lot of hesitation,” Erlandson said. “At some point it just started to click and I started to honor it.”

    Letters to Kurt will be published by Akashic Books, the imprint set up by Johnny Temple of Girls Against Boys, on April 8, and features plenty of commentary on Love without any direct contribution from her. “I never mentioned to her that I had written the book,” Erlandson told the Times. “And I’m sure she’s heard of it now.”