HMV Will Try Anything To Get Customers Into Stores


    Some industry fossils just need to know when to call it quits. Take the latest installment in HMV’s dying throes: in an effort to get badly-needed customers into their stores, the once-mighty record store chain has introduced a brand new feature where customers can buy CDs online, then pick them up in-store.


    I don’t know about you, but when I buy a record on the internet, it had better be going straight to my hard drive as soon as I’ve zapped over the cash. HMV’s trying to spin their new feature as a fresh take on the market, but to net-savvy listeners, it’s just another embarrassing flounder from a dying giant. 

    The company recently attempted to introduce mp3 download sales via its HMVDigital store, but failed, like most, to penetrate the iTunes/Amazon duopoly. Their last bastion of profit comes in the form of electronics sales, like tablets, smartphones, and other devices bundled together with digital music. So, in a last-ditch effort to get customers in the same physical space as their sellable goods, HMV thought it might be wise to ask people to go to their local store just to pick up a CD they’d already purchased.

    It’s sad to see a corporation grasp at straws that don’t even exist, but it only goes to show how desperate the former rulers of music sales will get to stay afloat. But HMV, I’m sorry–if you’re turning to this, you’re already dead. [PaidContent]

    Photo credit: Jeffery Simpson via Flickr.