‘Hitchcock’ Says ‘Nothing Is More Horrifying’ Than Texting During The Movie (Video)

    Alfred Hitchcock never had the chance to use a cell phone, but he still hates it when you text your friends or update your Facebook status to tell everyone you’re in the movie theater while in the movie theater. He hates it so much that he filmed a short PSA to let you know: don’t be an asshole, turn off your phone.

    An audience member shot the following footage from an advanced screening of Hitchcock (and clearly missed the message, as one commenter pointed out), due in theaters Nov. 23. The biopic, starring Anthony Hopkins in the titular role, is based on Stephen Rebello’s book Alfred Hitchcock And The Making Of Psycho, and follows the director as he adapts Psycho for the big screen. The official trailer is also posted below.

    Hitchcock Trailer