Hipster NFL Players Are Failing Drug Tests Due To Adderall

    Usually the NFL and a Hold Steady song have very little in common, but there was a some crossover when New York Giants safety Tyler Sash was banned for four games after failing a urine test. While the NFL has not released what chemical indicator was allegedly present in Sash’s urine, the player contends that the positive test resulted from a doctor’s prescription for Adderall. Sash went on to say that he was taking it for anxiety related to public speaking (which doesn’t really fall within Adderall’s uses). While the NFL has no ban on the books for prescribed Adderall, it will impose sanctions if it is possible the drug is being used for its amphetamine-like properties. The fact remains, despite Sash’s denials and Coach Tom Coughlin’s initial support, that he’s out four games unless he can come up with a good reason for failing the test. [Deadspin]