Hipster folk frenzy at Tompkins Square

    New York-based label Tompkins Square has been busy lately bringing the "old weird America" to the new weird America. They’ve just signed singer/guitarist/fiddler/banjo man Frank Fairfield, who will be supporting Fleet Foxes on their fall tour. Fairfield’s raw sound, tremulous voice, and trad approach suggest Devendra Banhart time-traveling back to an Alan Lomax field recording. The label has already released a digital single and a 7" of Fairfield, and a full album is slated for ’09.


    Vinyl fetishists alert: at the same time, for beardy-freaky acoustic guitar geeks who wet themselves at the mention of John Fahey’s name, the label has also reissued two "loner guitar gems" on heavy vinyl. Harry Taussig’s 1965 album Fate is Only Once and Richard Crandell’s 1980 In the Flower of Our Youth were both rarities owned only by the scariest record collectors, but now they can be enjoyed by any Turntable Joe with two ears and a needle.