Hip-Hop/Graffiti Documentary ‘Style Wars’ Needs Your Help


    The classic hip-hop and graffiti documentary Style Wars was shot by filmmakers Tony Silver and Henry Chalfant back in 1983, and continues to be a cult classic all over the world. The movie featured Crazy Legs of legendary breakdance team the Rock Steady Crew, and included music by Grandmaster Flash, the Sugarhill Gang and Trouble Funk.


    Now, the family of Tony Silver is trying to raise money to fully restore the original print after the director died a few years ago, and they need a helping hand. The front page of the Style Wars website has more information on the quest, which will cost around $500,000 to complete.


    Various packages are available depending on how much people donate to the film, including T-Shirts, DVDs, Blu-Rays, posters, and even getting your name in the credits of the finished feature. If any film needs to be seen in vivid color, it’s Style Wars—the chance to see the work of original graffiti artists from the ’70s and ‘80s in such detail will surely be an opportunity not to be passed up.


    More details on how to donate can be found here.


    [via Boing Boing]