Hip-Hop Being Used To Literally Save Lives

    Plenty of rappers have recorded tracks and made statements about how hip-hop saved their lives. Hell, Lupe Fiasco even made a song called “Hip-Hop Saved My Life.” But that was all figuratively speaking because, really, how could a music genre/culture help better one’s life? Well, it’s quite simple, really: through the bass

    A Purdue University professor has come up with a new miniature medical sensor, which is implanted in the body, that uses the bass from rap songs to recharge the pressure-sensing device. And the aim of said device is to “help treat people stricken with aneurysms or incontinence due to paralysis,” according to Purdue

    But why rap? Well, according to the professor: “Rap is the best because it contains a lot of low frequency sound, notably the bass.” And that bass “causes the cantilever to vibrate, generating electricity and storing a charge in a capacitor,” Purdue reports.

    If you want to do what this sensor is capable of now — like “monitoring pressure in the urinary bladder,” for example — a probe must be inserted with a catheter at a hospital. This new technology would obviously help skirt around that painful, uncomfortable procedure.

    You can learn more about it at the Purdue Newsroom and be sure to forward this to anyone who hates on that good ol’ boom-bap. Especially the boom.