Hilarious: Sage Francis Finishes 20-Year-Old Track, “Lost Loves,” As Xaul Zan

    Die-hard Sage Francis fans know full well that the Providence, R.I. native hasn’t only spit under that alias. He’s also got a vulgar/goofy side to him called Xaul Zan who’s been in hiding as of late. That all changed last year when Sage found this 20-year-old track called “Lost Loves” that he had recorded to tape. And after dwelling on it, he decided to fill in the blank space with rhymes from Xaul Zan, “who thinks it’s appropriate to woo his lady with battle raps.” The end result is a hilarious back-and-forth track that’s probably not going to win over any potential loves in your life. Stream “Lost Loves” below.