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Hilarious: Justin Timberlake "Covers" Bon Iver On SNL (Video)

Those of you who stayed up last night to catch Sleigh Bells on Saturday Night Live -- if not, watch 'em here -- also saw one of the better SNL episodes in a minute. You can probably thanks host Maya Rudolph for that, though some credit obviously also goes to the writers. That's particularly true on the sketch that featured a take on what it must have been like for Jay-Z and Beyonce when they returned home.

In addition to Rudolph doing a great impression of Bey, you get to watch as Fred Armisen hilariously takes on the role of Prince while Kristen Wiig nails her impression of an in-awe Taylor Swift. But the best part? That was Justin Timberlake's surprise appearance as Bon Iver that included a cover-of-sorts of "Holocene." There's also a good jab at Justin Vernon's awkward Grammy speech, which you can check out here.

Watch the SNL sketch below.

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