Highest Grossing Tours of 2017 So Far Revealed

    Guns ‘N’ Roses lead the pack, with U2 and Justin Bieber following not far behind.

    Pollstar has revealed the 100 highest grossing tours of 2017 so far with their mid-year report. The concert publication – which also covers theater, drama, comedy, as well as music – released the information this week, along with detailed stats of the ticket prices and money earned from each tour.

    Landing the top spot with a whopping $151.5 million is Guns N’ Roses, who have been touring this year with their classic line-up. Slash and Duff McKagan reunited with the band last year for their headline slot at Coachella and they’ve went on to tour ever since. It marks the first time in two decades that the two members have been a part of the band.

    Meanwhile, the number two and three slots on the list are taken up by U2 with $118.1 million for their Joshua Tree Tour, and Justin Bieber raking in $98.2 million with his 2017 shows. Rounding out the top five are Metallica with $88 million for the first half of the WorldWired Tour, and Depeche Mode bringing in $68.2 million for their Global Spirit Tour.

    Topping off the rest of the 10 highest grossing tours of the year so far are Red Hot Chili Peppers with $60.5 million, Adele with $59 million, Ed Sheeran with $57.2 million, Eric Church with $54.5 million, and last but not least, Bruno Mars with $52.7 million.

    Other notable music acts further down the top 100 list include the likes of Neil Diamond at No.25 with $29.7 million, Kings of Leon at No.45 with $20.5 million, Cher at No.77 with 12.3 million, among many more.

    Bear in mind that this is just a mid-year review, and that everything could look different by the time 2017 has concluded. Still, it will take some work to topple Guns N’ Roses’ monumental figure of $151.5 million.

    Top 10 Highest Grossing Tours of 2017 So Far

    1. Guns N’ Roses – $151.5 million
    2. U2 – $118.1 million
    3. Justin Bieber – $98.2 million
    4. Metallica – $88 million
    5. Depeche Mode – $68.2 million
    6. Red Hot Chili Peppers – $60.5 million
    7. Adele – $59 million
    8. Ed Sheeran – $57.2 million
    9. Eric Church – $54.5 million
    10. Bruno Mars – $52.7 million