“Hey Jude” Is The Best Selling Beatles Song On iTunes

    “Hey Jude” has emerged as the Beatles’ most popular song after the band’s catalog debuted on Apple’s iTunes store last week. Written by Paul McCartney, the song was originally composed to comfort John Lennon’s son Julian while his parents were going through a messy divorce. At the time of its release, “Hey Jude” was the longest single to ever top the charts in Britain, and spent nine weeks at the top of the U.S. charts, the longest of any Beatles single.


    The next highest selling Beatles song, “Let It Be,” was also composed by McCartney. An NME readers poll chose “Strawberry Fields Forever” and “I Am The Walrus” as the two greatest Beatles songs of all time, both John Lennon compositions. The poll ranked “Hey Jude” the fifth best of all time, with “Let It Be” failing to crack the top twenty. [NME]