Hey Everyone: Stringer Bell Is Now A Grime Artist


    A year ago, I used Driis, the musical alter ego of Idris Elba (aka Stringer Bell from The Wire) as an excuse to write about The Wire. Sorry to do that again. That show is still the best, in case you haven’t heard. Still way better than Lost too. Imagine if The Wire ended like Lost: “It doesn’t matter what happens to Marlo Stanfield, all that matters is that Boadie and Avon meet in purgatory”). 



    But seriously though, Driis has gotten his music game proper: 9th Wonder of Little Brother produces “Hold On,” this dancehall/grime track that is actually not all that bad. At least Stringer has his own style now. Even if that style sounds like a cooler Elephant Man. I just wonder how long until he uses “it’s just business” as a lyric. Or has Boadie and Poot kill Wallace. [Videogum]