Hey Creeps: Britney Spears Asking for Your Fan Fiction

    Have you been sitting on a Britney Spears fan fiction where she joins the cast of the Enterprise and joins her rightful spot at the right hand of Jean Luc Picard (or more likely, if you actually have Britney fan fiction: are you a 38-year-old man who lives with his mom sitting on a fan fiction where Britney Spears makes out with you)? Well, then Britney (or the PR person who thought this up) would like to read it, and might even turn it into a digital video for her new album, Circus. 


    Says a message on Britney’s website:

    Step right up, step right up!

    Now’s your chance to be Ring Master of the Circus and have your most creative Britney-inspired fiction story turned into an official digital music video!

    That’s right — your story could be used to create an official Britney Spears digital music video, seen all over the world! Compete against Britney fans from across the globe with your creative writing, imagination and passion for Britney. Only one fan will be the ultimate winner, so good luck!

    Seriously, I know you’ve got reams of the stuff. Go ahead and enter. This thing won’t turn out really creepy, or be an unmitigated disaster, further devaluing Britney Spears’ standing in popular culture. Did I say creepy? [via Idolator