He’s Got What You Need: Biz Markie’s LivingSocial Deal

    Have you ever met a girl that you tried to date, who wouldn’t have sex with you for a year, but later you discover she’s been secretly tongue-kissing her “friend” while in the dormitories at college?

    That’s probably because you failed to woo her correctly; say, for example, by cooking her a healthy and delicious meal of chicken satay in peanut sauce. LivingSocial is somehow offering the most amazing discounted opportunity of all time, which is odd, since LivingSocial generally offers the least amazing deals while running the most archaic-looking website (is that Times New Roman font?).

    But this deal beats all deals, and, let’s be honest, all future deals (Groupon might as well just remove itself from the Internet).

    Oh snap (peas)!