Here’s Ice Cube’s Actual “Good Day” (Correction)

    One of the cooler music-nerd finds of the past few years came last week when some blogger found the actual day Ice Cube was rapping about on “It Was a Good Day.” Or so we thought. Another like-minded fan of West Coast gangster rap researched the topic even further and found that the day we all thought was, you know, good wasn’t Jan. 20, 1992.

    It turns out that said day was actually Nov. 30, 1988. How did this person figure it out? Well, he (Mike B.) looked into whether or not beepers were indeed around in the late ’80s, because the previous blogger said they weren’t. Turns out that they were, which Cube notes himself on N.W.A.’s 1988 hit “Fuck the Police” when he spits, “Fuckin’ with me, ’cause I’m a teenager/ With a lil’ bit of gold and a pager.”

    Check out some more of his research below.

    Jan. 20, 1992 – NO – By this date, Cube has moved out of his mom’s house (sometime in late 91) and is living with Kim — to whom he was engaged by this date — and their one-year-old son… she was not paging him that night for weed, booze, sex, and then having him drop her off somewhere before he drives home to his mom’s place.

    This shit cray. Find out even more about the true “good day” at Mike B.’s Tumblr and start planning your party to celebrate the hip-hop holiday later this year. [DS]