Here’s A Turntable For Your Ipod, DJs

    Back in the day, DJs had to bust their backs carrying around huge crates of 45s and 78s, manually flipping through their dusty vinyl to find that perfect hook or beat. Even a few years ago, as music went digital, sizeable laptops were a heavy burden on DJs’ slumped shoulders.

    But now you can look good and carry around every song you’ve ever wanted/needed for a DJ set. Philips has unveiled a portable turntable system called the Mini Hi-Fi that allows you to plug your iPod or iPhone directly into the turntables themselves. The decks revolve while your digital devices charge, and of course they can be playing music the entire time.

    There are channel faders and a pair of 5.25-inch subwoofers, and the dock is also compatible with an optional DJ app that allows for more advanced use. It costs upwards of $470, but it’d look much cooler than plugging your iPod into a wall socket. [Gizmodo/Hypebeast]