Here Are Smiths Songs As Book Covers

    Smiths fans are a notoriously literate bunch–you’d have to be to be able to parse Morrissey’s penchant for dramatic, idiosyncratic lyrics. The titles alone are enough to paint a vivid picture, and now an artist has taken that idea and run with it.

    Chris Thornley decided to turn classic Smiths lines like “Sheila, take a bow” and “will nature make a man of me yet?” (from “This Charming Man”) into old-school Penguin-style book covers with their own literary genres. The results are pretty great–you could certainly see these lining dusty bookshelves in an old library– and the stories told within are eminently timeless (and catchy!).

    See them all here, or just curl up with your favorite song and daydream away. [AV Club]