Here Are Apple’s New iPods and iTunes (Updating)

    After announcing the almost completely leaked iPhone 5, Apple has just announced a new iPod Nano that features a Multi-Touch screen, a home button, Bluetooth capabilities, and a new smaller Lightning connector. The iPod Nano will be available in seven different colors. 

    In addition to the new Nano, Apple also announced a fifth generation iPod touch that will be smaller and lighter than the current generation at only 88 grams and 6.1 mm thick. The new iPod will also have the new wider 4 inch display as the iPhone 5 and feature a faster A5 processor. For the first time, the touch will be available in four colors and will have a new loop to attach an old-school camera wrist strap. Oh and it has Siri now too. 

    iTunes also received a facelift today. The new version, which will be released in October has a number of design revisions that pay special attention to multitasking while creating playlists or searching through your library. The new software, which will be released in October, also has built in iCloud support, and an “Up Next” feature.

    The notoriously low quality headphones that used to accompany most of Apple’s devices have just been replaced by “EarPods,” which reportedly took three years to develop. See an image over at Gizmodo

    And it looks like they wrapped things up with an acoustic performance by the Foo Fighers in front of a huge Apple logo

    This post will be updated as the announcement continues. [The Verge Live Blog]