Hercules And Love Affair’s New Album Soon To Rule Blogosphere

    Collaborating with Kele from Bloc Party? Announcing a cover of the xx? Andy Butler and Hercules and Love Affair seem to be doing everything they can to get Internet music buffs worked up like a box of Chinese fireworks. In an interview with omg blog, Butler revealed that the new H&LA album will come out in January (a bit later than the September date he was shooting for earlier this year and will be called Blue Songs (unfortunately, Antony will not be on the record). They’re in the middle of a tour right now, but will hopefully get back on the road next year.


    They’ll also be releasing a cover of the xx’s “Shelter,” recorded with Hercules-collaborator Kim Ann Foxman, which will be coming out in November. I’m guessing it’ll be a little funkier than the original. [Pitchfork]