Hendrix’s fiery guitar sold

    Daniel Boucher got a bum deal. After all, the guy paid £280,000 (over half a million bucks) at a London auction for Jimi Hendrix’s guitar, and it turns out the damn thing’s been burnt to a crisp! What kind of rock action is he expected to get out of a glorified cinder block? Oh, wait…Hendrix set the guitar on fire. In fact, it’s alleged to be (and at that price, you can bet it’s some pretty damn well substantiated alleging) the very first guitar the rock god ever torched. "I am going to play it, I hope some of it rubs off on me," says Boucher. Sure, it’ll rub off on you, if you don’t mind getting ashes all over your hands. Rumors that Boucher had begun saving up for the first amplifier ever smashed by Pete Townshend and the first TV set ever thrown out of a hotel window by Keith Moon have not been substantiated.