Hendrix’s Estate Not Behind Andre 3000-Starring Biopic

    Earlier this week, the Internet was aflame with reports of the Andre 3000-starring Jimi Hendrix biopic beginning production soon, but it turns out things might not be so cut-and-dry. Hendrix’s estate is reportedly not behind the biopic, and might withhold music licensing from the project. This would essentially doom the film, since if you can’t have “Voodoo Child (Slight Return)” in this thing, what’s the point of even making it? 

    The Hendrix estate wants to have some creative input into the film–in the past, because they don’t want it to be a drug narrative–and the producers of All Is By My Side have moved forward without the Hendrix estate’s involvement. For now at least, All Is By My Side is rolling forward, with or without the Hendrix estate’s involvement. [WSJ]