Hendrix Biopic Won’t Feature Hendrix Songs

    The Hendrix biopic that the Hendrix family doesn’t want? It’s still going forward, even without their approval. In fact, since the film can’t secure the rights to any Hendrix-penned songs, the producers are thinking up creative ways to depict the guitarist’s rather musical life.

    The film–All Is By My Side–features Andre 3000 in the title role, but instead of singing “Purple Haze” or “Foxy Lady,” he’ll be taking on covers that Hendrix was known for. That’s right–it’ll be a steady diet of “All Along the Watchtower,” “Mannish Boy,” and “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band,” the latter of which Hendrix performed at the Monterey Pop Festival just days after its release in 1967. Andre himself already recorded these covers in a Los Angeles studio with the help of some session musicians, with a soundtrack album reportedly in the works.

    The film will focus almost entirely on Hendrix’s pre-fame days in London. Set in 1966-1967, it traces the guitarist’s rise as a backup musician into rock star, but without delving too deep into the drug stuff. All Is By My Side is currently being filmed in Dublin, Ireland with an expected release date of early 2013. [Rolling Stone]