Help Neutral Milk Hotel Save a Carousel

    In their down time, some bands drink, some engage in licentioius behavior, some get their ya-yas out behind the wheel of high-speed automobiles, but that sort of thing’s not for psych-folk-pop cult heroes Neutral Milk Hotel. Somehow fittingly, they’re occupying themselves with rescuing an endangered old carousel.


    Okay, so maybe NMH aren’t active as a band anymore, but apparently they still hang around together, and still exist at least in theory, as Julian Koster and Jeff Mangum have issued a statement through their label, Merge, on behalf of the band, asking people to join them in their cause. Apparently, the continuance of the 81-year-old Paragon Carousel in Massachussetts is in doubt, and there’s a campaign gathering votes to preserve it. Koster, Mangum, and their Elephant 6 friends would like you to chime in here. Surely it’s places like these that inspire the playground in the mind of the aforementioned gents and help to generate some of the songs we’ve loved so much, no?