Hella Good! Hella Returns

    Let me apologize for this post in advance. But it’s impossible to mention the band Hella without thinking about the 1998 "South Park" episode "Spookyfish," where Cartman can’t stop saying the word "hella" (view some of it here). That sort of thing can be catching.


    Anyway, we just received word that the California math rock/noise rock band Hella is back, and that’s hella cool. The thing is, though, that they’re now paied down to a hella small core: just the duo of  Zach Hill (drums) and Spencer Seim (guitar).


    We’ve heard they’re hella busy writing and recording their first album as a duo in four years.  Hella hasn’t decided on a record label, but details are sure to come hella quick. Those who remember Hella from back in the day probably recall their maiden 2003 effort with the hella weird title of  Hold Your Horse Is.  And since we can’t fit "hella" into any more sentences, we’ll leave you with a link to their MySpace, so you can hear some hella rockin’ sounds. Oops.