Heart Readies Children’s Book Based on Dog & Butterfly, New Material

    The sisters Nancy and Ann Wilson, the core members of Heart, have recently realized that they possess the degree of notoriety neccessary to pen a children’s book and make a decent buck off of it. Heart’s book, due at the end of the year, will be based on the band’s 1978 album Dog & Butterfly, and come with a cd that contains new versions of that song and the track “Dreamboat Annie.”


    Guitarist Nancy Wilson told Billboard.com, “We always wanted to do a children’s book of some form or another.”Ann pretty much did the writing, and I kind of was her editor. She made the initial drawings of the dog and I did the butterfly. She drew the characters, mostly, and I painted them. And then we had an artist come in and kind of fill in some of the other designs ’cause we’re kind of busy right now. It looks really good. It’s really simple.”


    Heart has also been writing songs in between tours, and working with record producer Ben Mink. Talking about the new material, Wilson said, “We’ve got about eight songs that we really like, and we’ve recorded three basic (tracks) that work so far. I know it will be out this coming year, but I can’t give you any more specific time frame than that.”