Hear Tom Jones Cover Howlin’ Wolf’s “Evil” With Help From Jack White

    On March 5, your grandma’s favorite singer, Tom Jones, will be issuing a single on Jack White’s Third Man Records, for its Blue Series. The a-side to Jones’ single is a cover of Howlin’ Wolf’s “Evil,” and it just hit the net via BBC Radio. You can hear it below: It seems like neither White nor Jones won the sonic fight, because this is a good middle ground between White’s retro leanings, and Jones’ Vegas populism. The real highlight is the muscular backing musical work of Greenhornes/Raconteurs dudes Jack Lawrence and Patrick Keeler, and when Jones breaks it down near the end of the track too. Dude still has charisma for a 71-year-old. 

    Update: It looks like the Soundcloud link has been killed. Listen over here at the Tom Jones fan site.