Hear Six New Green Day Songs

    Green Day fans wondering about a follow-up to 2009’s 21 Century Breakdown will be happy to learn that the band has been performing plenty of new material during their recent “secret shows.” As Spin points out, the California trio has debuted at least six new songs as of late. And thanks to the power of the Internet, namely YouTube, we have each track here for you to check out. Sort of.

    They’re all available through the live fan recordings, which range in quality but still allow you to get the gist of where Green Day might heading on their new album. At the same time, the band’s next musical step isn’t entirely clear just yet, as you have pop-punk jams “Carpe Diem” and “Sweet 16” followed by acoustic ballad “Amy.” Hmm. Stream the six tracks below.

    “Carpe Diem”

    “Sweet 16”

    “Stray Heart”


    “Last Gang In Town”

    “Stay The Night”