Hear Oneohtrix Point Never’s Rejected Philip Glass Remix

    In case the news slipped by you last week, a remix album of Philip Glass works is set for release on June 26. Produced by Hector Castillo and Beck, the collection will feature remixes by Amon Tobin, Memory Tapes, Nosaj Thing, Tim Hecker, Tyondai Braxton and others.

    Now, thanks to a premiere on DJ/Rupture’s Mudd Up! radio show, we know of another artist that was meant to appear on the upcoming Glass album. Daniel Lopatin, or Oneohtrix Point Never, explained the situation to The Fader towards the end of last year.

    I was asked by the office of Beck Hansen to do a remix for Phillip Glass’ 75th birthday remix record. And I did it. And it got rejected. … And that’s fine, to be honest. But I thought I’d done a really good remix. I was pretty stoked, I thought that I’d done something worthwhile and they were flat out like, ‘No, this is not good enough.’

    OPN remixed Glass’ score for Godfrey Reggio’s 1982 film, Koyaanisqatsi. You can listen to it here. It’ll be interesting to hear what was deemed good enough for the release; Lopatin guesses it will be more “palatable.” [FACT]