Hear New Patti Smith Song “April Fool”

    Legendary punk singer, poet and writer Patti Smith hasn’t created or released any new music in over eight years. Let’s not confuse that with laziness, though. Smith has been super busy. In those eight years she wrote and published the excellent memoir Just Kids about her relationship with artist Robert Mapplethrope, which also won the National Book Award for Non-Fiction. Smith released a live album with Kevin Shields called Coral Sea, appeared in a Jean-Luc Godard film and started writing a crime novel.

    Now Smith is back playing and recording music. Her first album in eight years will feature a dedication to Amy Winehouse and a collaboration with Johnny Depp.

    In prelude to the album release,  you can hear a track from the album called “April Fool,”  featuring Tom Verlaine.

    Head over to NPR Music to stream the new song.