OWS Group Fronted By Kyp Malone Of TVOTR Debuts New Track, “We Are”

    New Party Systems is a super-collective of artists “insprired by the OWS movement,” according to its website. “We Are,” the group’s first released recording, was composed by Notekillers guitarist David First and features lead vocals by Kyp Malone of TV On The Radio. As we reported, drums are held down by ex-Liturgy drummer Greg Fox, and Bernard Gann, currently of Liturgy, is on bass. As Pitchfork points out, the “We are the 99%” chant at the end of this track was recorded at a Nov. 17 march on Wall Street.

    The group also made a video for “We Are,” directed by Toni Comas, which captures its anthemic qualities through footage of Occupy protests from across the globe. The song’s guitar tone and rhythm are reminiscent of Sonic Youth’s Made in USA, but the vocals–which are lip-synched by Occupy supporters throughout the video–are much more dreamy. If you’re digging it, you’ll be happy to hear that New Party Systems plan to release more music in the future. You can check out the song below and the video after that. Hit up YouTube for a transcription of the lyrics. [P4K]