Hear A Preview Of Daft Punk’s New Music From Last Night’s ‘SNL’ (Stream)

    During last night’s ‘SNL,’ a brief flash into Daft Punk’s future was previewed. Only clocking-in around fifteen seconds, a commercial was shown with a preview of the band’s upcoming new music. A subtle sample of disco is driven beneath their logo brightly electrified and then their iconic masks forming into one. It’s such a tease. And with their recent announcement to form an alliance with Columbia Records for the new album, it seems like those seeds are now starting to bloom.

    Billboard also reported that on the new album, it is rumored that they worked with producer Giorgio Moroder, Chic co-founder Nile Rodgers, Feist Collaborator Chilly Gonzales, and many others. The new album is scheduled to be released this spring.

    Watch the all too short teaser commercial below: